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Since the start of the website, the members have earned 306.37% (i.e. 10% p.a.).

I am very interested in your service, but would it be possible instead to apply for it via a bank or insurance company in my country? Why do I need to go via your ETERNITY FUNDS Private Foundation based in Curaçao?

If that were possible, ETERNITY FUNDS would have branches in the main countries in the world to make it easier for you to apply for its services. However, this is not feasible, because the respective legislation in the countries concerned does not usually make provision for the possibility of an eternal contract (the duration is systematically time-limited, with in most cases a maximum of 30 years or the contracts in question are rendered void). ETERNITY FUNDS’ commitment to pay interest on your capital at a rate of 10% with no time limit, and to enable you to pass on your capital freely, is perfectly legal by virtue of the use of the Private Foundation status. This is a non-profit structure established in perpetuity, whose only beneficiaries of assets are the members who sign up using its official website www.eternityfunds.com. Moreover, the Private Foundation has the advantage of being tax-neutral and enabling your data and privacy to be protected in a stable and recognised legal framework. It should be noted that Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is a state with mature and modern legislation which has nothing in common with offshore microstates with a deservedly poor reputation, such as the Cayman Islands and Panama.

How is the money entrusted to the Foundation invested to guarantee the annual income of 10%? How secure is my capital?

The funds entrusted to the ETERNITY FUNDS Private Foundation are deposited in the second largest Swiss bank, which is extremely reliable and sound. In this way they are protected by Swiss legislation governing bank deposits. The assets are invested in varied high-quality products which provide high returns or very high long-term development potential, with a very broad diversification in terms of  geographical areas and investment sectors: these include government bonds, bonds issued by large private companies, shares in high-return companies in the main global economic powers (United States, China, Japan, India, Germany, UK, Russia, France, Brazil, Italy, etc.) and investments in private equity funds, real estate, raw materials, precious metals, works of art, etc. The allocation is made in order to guarantee the security of your assets, a regular return, and growth on a reasonable proportion of the capital, without making reckless use of derivatives or high-risk “toxic” assets. Of course, the Foundation Board scrupulously monitors the way in which the funds are managed and supervises the teams which manage the funds, orders regular and reliable audits and generally ensures that the assets deposited by members are protected.

Why set a minimum of 10 000 UNI to open an account? Is it possible to start with less?

The reason why we have specified a minimum amount to open an account is that we want to offer a quality service to all our members. A minimum has therefore been determined in order to cover a proportion of our fixed costs, allowing us to monitor and process your file effectively. However, if you like you can open or give somebody an account with a small sum (like $50 or €50) and then make new payments over time as and when you have funds available. However, please note that until your account contains the minimum required sum of 10 000 UNI, it will be considered inactive and will not therefore earn daily interest at the annual rate of 10%, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Use.

How can I be sure that the system is secure?

The website itself and the website management system are well secured and automated; human intervention is reduced to a strict minimum. No intervention in your accounts is possible without a series of checks and levels of security. The funds that you transfer to ETERNITY FUNDS are deposited in Switzerland and they are managed by external figures: the team which manages the website and your accounts has no access to them.

How can you offer such high returns?!

We allow you to enhance your capital and achieve returns of 10% a year, for life, which you can pass on freely without fees or tax disincentives. We agree that it may seem virtually unbelievable. However, the fact that the funds are invested over the very long term and that the management company is unlikely to have to cope with large-scale withdrawals (as is the case with open-ended collective investment schemes or traditional investment funds) allow ETERNITY FUNDS to make investments which are extremely diverse and may be in fairly illiquid assets (property, works of art, collectors’ items, shares in non-quoted companies, etc.). Furthermore, we can expect non-volatile returns of at least 14%, 10% of which is paid to you. The remainder is used to pay miscellaneous fees and the salaries of top-level management professionals who manage the funds held by ETERNITY FUNDS.

What tax implications does it have?

Clearly, we do not encourage anybody to commit fraud and nor do we advise anybody to do so. However, we respect the freedom of every citizen to manage their assets and their life as they see fit, just as we protect their privacy and the various items of information pertaining to them. Consequently, should one of our members commit fraud, this would be a strictly private matter and under no circumstances would we denounce them or inform any entity belonging to any State. Legally, in most States, the income from ETERNITY FUNDS must be declared (and are then subject to taxation), but each member takes personal responsibility for this declaration.

Do you have rules to prevent money laundering?

Yes, ETERNITY FUNDS combats money laundering and scrupulously complies with best practices in this area. To this end, we know the real identity of our members, do not accept front men and always identify the source of funds. In case of doubt regarding the source of a member’s fortune and if various thresholds are exceeded, explanations are sought and payments are in some cases declined. ETERNITY FUNDS refuses to comply with tax department investigations and investigations by ex partners, ex spouses and creditors, etc. However, in the event of legitimate and well-founded criminal proceedings (money laundered from drugs, prostitution, arms sales, etc.), we respond to judicial requests. Our legal department works on a case-by-case basis to protect you from any illegitimate intrusion and so that members who have earned their money honestly should have no cause for concern. Moreover, our lawyers are only concerned about new payments to ETERNITY FUNDS accounts and payments which exceed certain thresholds (somebody whose account contains monies which have been inherited or given by another member, or which are the result of many years of savings and many small payments, will be above any suspicion; however, somebody who pays in one million Euros in one single payment may have to answer a number of questions to clarify certain points).

Why do you say that legacies passed on and the capital invested are tax-free?

In legal terms, the sums which you entrust to ETERNITY FUNDS are no longer part of your legacy (in return you obtain – freely transferrable – entitlements to an eternal annuity). As a consequence, you are no longer liable to tax on these sums as they no longer belong to you (but in most countries you will have to pay taxes on the income you receive), and nor will your beneficiaries have to declare the legacy passed on to them, since they will receive no capital (but rather annuity entitlements, which are also subject to tax in some countries). Of course, under no circumstances will ETERNITY FUNDS denounce anybody to any entity whatsoever. Each member’s tax situation, declarations, payment of any taxes, etc, are their own personal responsibilities.

Does my State have any claim to the funds I inherit?

ETERNITY FUNDS is designed specifically to protect part of your assets! We do not work with any State. Your personal information remains strictly confidential and is never passed on to anybody, and even the website management team has no access to it.

What will happen in the event of major upheaval (revolution, war, etc.) in my country?

The funds which you entrust to us and which entitle you to a 10% annuity remain, whatever happens, protected. The annuity will continue to be paid as before (to your account or bank card). You can also at any time change your account settings to suspend these payments and instead opt for interest capitalisation. Even if you do not actively intervene in your account, your assets will continue to be allocated to you and to accumulate, until you get back in contact and decide to claim them. You can also, if you wish, set the period after which ETERNITY FUNDS will have to begin passing on your annuity entitlements to your beneficiaries if there is no activity on your account or signal from you; you do this in your personal settings (under your account).

I have received an ETERNITY FUNDS account as a gift or an inheritance. I do not want to claim an annuity, and would like to recover the invested money in the form of cash. How do I do this?

It is absolutely impossible. The person who gave you these assets or passed them on to you specifically wanted to give you an annuity, a guaranteed and secure income for life, without your being able to break into the capital in question. This is the very principle behind ETERNITY FUNDS, and it is why we are able to offer the best returns in the world on a guaranteed investment.

How will my heirs or other beneficiaries claim my annuity entitlements?

As soon as one of your beneficiaries contacts us with your login, surname and first name, and tells us that you have died, we will ask the person to produce an official document to prove it. Your account will then be deactivated. (In the event that you are passing on assets which exceed certain confidential thresholds, additional checks will be made. Our employees will in some cases travel personally to ensure that it is not a fraud.) Your beneficiaries’ accounts will then be credited (and they will be informed by us). If you have not appointed a beneficiary, we will contact your legal heirs.

I think that one of my close friends or family had an account with you, but I do not know their login

If, despite our many checks, due care was lacking and you were not provided with any information regarding the annuity entitlements which the person wanted to pass on to you, we cannot substitute ourselves for the person, for obvious security reasons. It may also be that the person quite simply did not include you in his or her list of beneficiaries (despite perhaps promising to do so). These things happen! Rest assured that whenever we have official proof of the death of an ETERNITY FUNDS member, we do everything in our power to locate the person’s beneficiaries, and the sums credited to his or her account will of course continue to generate interest for them.

Can my account be hacked into?

Your account is very securely protected against any digital attack or intrusion! However, if you yourself have shown a lack of caution in giving your login or password to somebody, a malicious person may gain access to your account. However, please note that under no circumstances is it possible to make a transfer to an external account. At worst, the person may receive your annuity for a certain period of time, but you should realise very quickly and contact us to solve the problem. For additional security, we contact you in the event of any request to give a gift to another member when the gift exceeds a certain threshold, which may also prevent a fraudster from acting. Please contact us if you note any suspicious movements.

Who holds and manages ETERNITY FUNDS’ assets?

The funds held by ETERNITY FUNDS are, as is conventional, clearly separated between safekeeping, fund management and the administration of relations with the members of the site. They are thus fully protected against any fraud. Funds are held by a large Swiss banking group. They are managed by a team of top-level professionals.

I like your system and am very attracted by the 10% return, but I do not want my funds to be inaccessible

It is precisely because the funds held by ETERNITY FUNDS cannot be withdrawn that the fund managers are able to achieve the risk-free return in question, which is guaranteed for you. Savings solutions whereby your money is always available only provide returns of 3-6%, and even these rates are not guaranteed over the long-term!

I have heard that you cannot open a joint account

That is indeed the case, for reasons of internal management in the event of separations, remarriages, etc. It is especially important as national law varies significantly in this area from country to country. As a consequence, there can only be ONE account holder and that person is the only person who may inform his or her partner of the existence of an ETERNITY FUNDS account, and make any arrangements to share the annuity. We advise couples to open two separate ETERNITY FUNDS accounts and to pay in, as applicable, equal sums, appointing each other as mutual beneficiaries. The partner will then receive 100% of the assets which belonged to the deceased partner, which provides them with the protection necessary should the worst happen.

Can’t I open an account on behalf of a company or an association?

Yes, you can, but if you would like to do so, please write to us via the contact page. We only accept requests from lawful directors; similarly, only they can receive the login codes, etc. An account holder who is a legal person may not give gifts to or name as beneficiary a natural person (only another legal person), in order to protect joint assets.

I do not understand why my account is in UNI. I would like to receive my 10% return in my currency (Australian Dollar, Mexican Peso, Mongolian Tugrik, etc.)

This is not possible, because the various world currencies each present different risks and levels of inflation. It is precisely to protect you forever from any monetary risk that we chose the UNI unit calculated by our partner http://www.unitedcurrency.com. We chose to do this to guarantee effective protection against the collapse of an individual currency or inflation in a given country. Moreover, this ensures complete equality between members of ETERNITY FUNDS. However, the annuity which you receive is of course paid in the currency which you choose from those available on the website.

What solution do you suggest to build my annuity?

We believe that each member must tailor the management of their ETERNITY FUNDS account to their own personal assets, savings capability and prospects for succession. Try to take into account your capital requirements for future projects in order to determine an annuity level which is in line with your capabilities. Remember, too, that the earlier you begin saving for your annuity, using regular payments, the greater your chances of achieving your objective quickly. To make these calculations, please use our simulator.

I see that you leave open the possibility of passing on part of my annuity entitlements to a charitable endeavour chosen by ETERNITY FUNDS. How do you select them?

We select charitable endeavours that are politically and religiously neutral, essentially targeting human development, the protection of the environment, public health and research. Once our legal team has examined the inheritance documents, we add the allocated percentage of the fortune to be distributed to our special “charitable endeavours” account, which generates a quarterly annuity. Every quarter, the ETERNITY FUNDS Board selects one or more associations to which these funds are paid, sometimes in the event of emergencies (such as natural disasters). This distribution is displayed on the website, on the charity page. In addition, 5% of the annual earnings of the ETERNITY FUNDS foundation are also paid into this special account.