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Since the start of the website, the members have earned 306.37% (i.e. 10% p.a.).
All you need to know in just three minutes
  What the ETERNITY FUNDS Foundation offers you:

A financial investment, earning interest at the high annual rate of 10%, guaranteed for life and with no upper limit. The capital entrusted to the Foundation is inaccessible and invested over the long term; you receive your 10% return in the form of an annuity which can be paid at regular intervals of your choice (there are six choices, ranging from annual to fortnightly payments), to a bank card, a bank account or to PayPal. If you like, you can also opt for capitalisation, which means that the capital grows more quickly, to give you a higher future annuity (interest is added to your account daily). In addition, your annuity entitlements can be passed on in complete confidentiality, and you are completely free to nominate the beneficiaries of your choice.

  Main features of the service:

The system is highly flexible: as soon as you register as a member you can change your personal settings (annuity payment date and method, select capitalisation mode, choose beneficiaries, etc.). This makes your life easier: you can manage your options at any time, because the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you become a member, you will also enjoy access to a simulator tailored to your situation, enabling you to keep a close track of your investment according to your capital, your income and your age, and to achieve your annuity target with our help.

  Signing up for the service and funding your account:

You can open an account by visiting the become a member  page. It takes a matter of minutes: there is no file to complete and no documents to send to us. Your account is funded using a bank card, via PayPal or by international bank transfer to Switzerland.

  Security of funds and legal aspects:

Funds are deposited in Switzerland and are protected by Swiss financial legislation. The Private Foundation ETERNITY FUNDS is also controlled by its Board, which regularly orders independent audits of its position. To review the legal aspects, please read the General Terms and Conditions.

  What about fees?

There are none: no initial charges, subscription charges or administrative costs. Your money works entirely for you!

Register now, free of charge and with no obligations.


Do you still have questions?

In that case, we suggest that you read the FAQ section or contact us, by email, by chat or by telephone. If you would like more details, please take a look at the explanations and examples below:

 Advantage 1: an annual return on your funds of 10% for life
 Advantage 2: your annuity entitlements can be passed on freely, in complete confidentiality
 Advantage 3: plan your savings and maximise your future annuity with our exclusive simulation tool
 Advantage 4: help your children and loved ones by giving them financial security
 Advantage 5: a confidential service and total security

 Example 1: Harry, 69, retired
“What I’d like to do is help my children and grandchildren”
 Example 2: Claire, 34, bank executive, and Peter, 39, marketing manager
“With all the retirement issues there are at the moment, we want to provide for ours”
 Example 3: Alice, 26, junior project manager
“I don’t want to have to work all my life”
 Example 4: Robert, 53, unemployed
“Making funds inaccessible protects me from any risk of wasting them”
 Example 5: Paul, 48, widower
“My handicapped daughter is my priority”