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Since the start of the website, the members have earned 303.60% (i.e. 10% p.a.).
Details on the ETERNITY FUNDS Foundation
ETERNITY FUNDS’ priority commitment is to offer its members a guaranteed 10% return on their capital: from a financial point of view this is feasible without excessive risk-taking or, whatismore, misuse of derivatives, provided the capital remains inaccessible forever. For more information on this subject, please see the section headed 10% a year guaranteed: how?

This commitment is made for life, in perpetuity: your annuity can be freely passed on to whoever you wish – to your children, for example. They will then pass it on to their heirs, and so on. However, from a legal perspective, it is impossible to enter this into law in various countries: in many cases, national law renders an eternal contract null and void. This is why you will find that your bank or insurance company offers no comparable service; they can only offer 3 to 4% at best, given that the money must remain accessible. Neither will they offer you an eternal investment. In addition, because the money leaves your estate and becomes the Foundation’s property, this resolves the fiscal difficulties and prevents any problems when it comes to passing on your legacy.

In this way, ETERNITY FUNDS has chosen the legal framework of the non-profit Private Foundation established in perpetuity, registered in Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands). The beneficiaries of this Foundation are the members who register via its official website www.eternityfunds.com. Moreover, the Private Foundation has the advantages of being fiscally neutral and protecting data and privacy in a stable and recognised legal framework. Curaçao, unlike many exotic offshore destinations of varying repute, is an integral part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has a very clear and strict legal framework, genuine anti-money laundering controls, sound infrastructures and consequently enjoys an impeccable reputation.

As it was legally impossible to establish the service in a country like Switzerland or the United States, and because we wanted to guarantee our members the eternal security of their assets, the protection of their private data and legal and financial stability, it quickly became clear that Curaçao was the ideal choice and that the Private Foundation was the most appropriate status, given that ETERNITY FUNDS is not a business, but a non-commercial organisation, the objective of which is the financial independence of its members, which is duly entered in the Statutes of the Foundation.